KIND Bars & Caffeine

I am a quiet person. I lead a quiet life. Just me and my computer. Oh yes, doing my Leslie Inc. activities for the body. As I look through the pictures of 2021 it is hard for me to even believe that this was my life. A BOOK TOUR!! Encountering luminaries like Ann Patchett! ZibbyContinue reading “KIND Bars & Caffeine”

Just a Day on the Calendar

NOW we are in the aftermath. The “undoing“ of Christmas. The messiness. Throwing away paper. Making exchanges. Packing up until next year. I have a question for you. Did this Christmas live up to your EXPECTATIONS??The rush towards Christmas Day is one full of being in overdrive and feeling completely overwhelmed. In fact this yearContinue reading “Just a Day on the Calendar”

Luxuriate in the WOW

My friend and I were talking recently. Her child spent a WHOLE hour at a party. Her child suffers from social anxiety…SO…this was a BIG deal. It was an exciting day for her to see her child conquer their fear. If only for an hour. It was also a really exciting day for me. I received someContinue reading “Luxuriate in the WOW”

What are you going to pack??

Life is beginning to “BLOOM” again with possibilities. People are preparing to go on vacation. What are you packing? Richard Rohr wrote, “I am someone who journeys with trauma.” Do you “journey with trauma?” I believe trauma is like an umbrella which includes any sadness, grief or disappointment that lingers or haunts you. Sadness is not somethingContinue reading “What are you going to pack??”

Pilates, Positivity and the Pandemic

Everyone thinks I’m so positive. I am here to confess…I’m not!I have taken Pilates for the better part of 16 years. And… For the better part of those 16 years I’ve hated it. Loathed it. Despised it. When Tuesdays, my Pilates day, rolled around, I always woke up with a serious case of dread.It wasn’tContinue reading “Pilates, Positivity and the Pandemic”

Behold the Daffodils

 Most people have a strong sentiment when it comes to 2020.    “Good riddance“ “I am staying up just to make sure 2020 goes out“ and… “Is it 2021 yet??      In all of this chaos and forced confinement… Behold the daffodil. I am sure when William Wordsworth wrote the poem “Daffodils“ he didn’t envision them blooming inContinue reading “Behold the Daffodils”