Behold the Daffodils

 Most people have a strong sentiment when it comes to 2020.
    “Good riddance“ “I am staying up just to make sure 2020 goes out“ and… “Is it 2021 yet??     

In all of this chaos and forced confinement… Behold the daffodil.

I am sure when William Wordsworth wrote the poem “Daffodils“ he didn’t envision them blooming in November. And yet. Here they are. Maybe this flimsy little flower is trying to tell us something…PAY ATTENTION .

There are many blessings that 2020 has presented to us. More time to spend with our immediate families. You may get to know your children better during this time,  SO pay attention. Playing games together or watching Netflix can yield interesting conversations. “Why don’t we learn chess?“ Queen’s gambit anyone? Or perhaps your children will question some arcane “tradition“ to  which you reply, “That’s just the way it’s done“ and they answer “Why? Who says it has to be that way? You are stumped like it was Final Jeopardy. They may say in their new found adult voice, “ We want to do it another way.“  or “why do we  have to eat turkey and dressing. Can’t we have roast beef or even salmon?“ (  YES ! Everybody cook salmon!… Inside joke and a nod to my favorite food group) If we PAY ATTENTION  we may actually learn something from THEM.
Or it may produce uncomfortable discussions about the state of our country and how we goofed things up for them.

Or maybe we will want to escape and read the book we have been meaning to read. 

If we PAY ATTENTION, this forced confinement has produced some flexibility and a  new and interesting perspective.

Don’t have immediate family or someone to eat with? The task for some of us is to PAY ATTENTION  just a little bit harder because blessings DO abound.

Putting our lives in second gear for a little bit is not going to kill us – the virus may. We ALL need to pay attention because the universe is speaking to us. Only we ourselves know if this  is a course correction or a brief respite on our journey. Whatever it is there are blessings to be found…Even in a daffodil blooming in November.

4 thoughts on “Behold the Daffodils

  1. I love this, Leslie! Thanks for your hopeful and inspiring perspective. Are these daffodils from your yard? It’s both wild and refreshing to see them in November. I have 2 tiny pansies (Johnny jump ups) that have bloomed in a crack on our front porch. Their little faces are so pretty! Yes, blessings abound! 🙂


  2. A lovely perspective, Leslie!
    What a beautiful arrangement! Are these from your yard?
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love you,


  3. I love this! So true! I gained a beautiful precious daughter-in-law in 2020 w I’ll forever be thankful for her! She loves my son and I love her! Blessing safe everywhere if we pay attention!


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