Just a Day on the Calendar

NOW we are in the aftermath. The “undoing“ of Christmas. The messiness. Throwing away paper. Making exchanges. Packing up until next year. I have a question for you. Did this Christmas live up to your EXPECTATIONS??The rush towards Christmas Day is one full of being in overdrive and feeling completely overwhelmed. In fact this yearContinue reading “Just a Day on the Calendar”

Behold the Daffodils

 Most people have a strong sentiment when it comes to 2020.    “Good riddance“ “I am staying up just to make sure 2020 goes out“ and… “Is it 2021 yet??      In all of this chaos and forced confinement… Behold the daffodil. I am sure when William Wordsworth wrote the poem “Daffodils“ he didn’t envision them blooming inContinue reading “Behold the Daffodils”

Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions

  Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions   Are you still keeping the New Year’s resolutions you made?? Notice that I use the word STILL. Last Thursday marked the day when most people abandon those resolutions.   I tried something different this year. Instead of using the words WANT TO or HOPE or WISH. IContinue reading “Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions”

Cindy Lou Who and Tidings of Great Joy

Welcome to my unique tale of Christmas. From the outset, let me just apologize to Dr. Seuss and Isaiah and Luke from the Bible. Creative license will be taken. Once upon a time there was Me. I ran Leslie Inc. more or less by myself with my crazy talented board of directors. (More on thatContinue reading “Cindy Lou Who and Tidings of Great Joy”