LOVE ACTUALLY


Most of you have started your lists. You know, the shopping list, the grocery store list, the gift card lists, the Christmas card list, the “things to be mailed” list and so on… Frankly you do not have time for a blog. So, I will make this SHORT. You’re welcome in advance.

Each year as a part of my tradition I watch the movie “LOVE ACTUALLY.” Because of all the bleak news, I am on my second viewing and counting…

The beginning always gets me. It is narrated by Hugh Grant and takes place in an airport.

When I am discouraged about the state of human- relations I visit an airport. You see people kissing. You see people hugging. Old friends. New friends. Spouses. Grandparents. And when the towers came down people were making their last calls to people they love. Expressing their love.

A few days ago, President George H.W. Bush passed away. He leaves a giant legacy. And a family devoted to public service. His last words were to his son the former president, “I love you too.”

This season can bring out the best and worst. We are in a hurry. We are short tempered.  And we forget. We forget the people who are standing in front of us. We forget the people we love. We are so busy buying presents we forget to give them our PRESENCE.

Our presence is NOT a small gift. But a very UNIQUE one. Instead of giving presents… BE present.

And when I turn off the news and worry and fret about the state of the world, I remember Hugh and 41. All the world really needs not just in the Christmas season but during every season is LOVE…. ACTUALLY.

Merry Christmas

Leslie XO


6 thoughts on “LOVE ACTUALLY

  1. Actually, I love your blog, Leslie!! What a timely message to share with your readers. I hope that I can heed your advice…. beginning now!


    1. Thank you for subscribing and reading to my blog. You mean a lot to me Sis. Love is everything. Love is love. I hope you and Phyllis have a wonderful Christmas. One of these days I’m going to visit. I miss you something terribly. XO


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