Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions



Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions


Are you still keeping the New Year’s resolutions you made?? Notice that I use the word STILL. Last Thursday marked the day when most people abandon those resolutions.


I tried something different this year. Instead of using the words WANT TO or HOPE or WISH. I decided to be confident… I WILL!

Because I am an overachiever, I made three, yes, THREE resolutions.


1 – I WILL use fewer bad words.

Writing at my computer all day long can be frustrating. It can also be a lesson in futility if the right word or sentence just won’t come. In those moments, I’m not proud, I’ll unleash some doozies. This is NOT such a good thing when your babies come over and you serve cookies or homemade muffins and you stub your toe! Yikes. I am big into broadening vocabulary, but these words are not ones I want them to learn from Yay-Yay.

2 I WILL get as fit as possible.

This may come as a surprise. I work out Monday through Friday religiously at the Wellness Center. I am on that grueling elliptical machine every morning. And on Tuesdays I am taking wretched Pilates. I am entering my sixth decade. This may come as a shock to most of you because I have lied about my age for 25 years even to those closest to me. I even tried to lie to my mother, and she was there. But I want to bring awareness to my workout regimen. My goal is to stay upright, stay strong, and STAY out of a WHEEL CHAIR! So, I LOVE the elliptical machine. I just ADORE Pilates. Truly, this is a HARD admission especially without breaking the first resolution! #***

3 – I WILL get published

I have worked on novels and my memoir for longer than I have been lying about my age!! Some of my best friends are New York Times bestsellers. I’ve even had a stellar agent. I used to joke that I was the Don Quixote of the writing world. Chasing windmills or in my case publishing contracts. This year, in SOME way I will find a way to usher my novels into the world. And you will hear about it!


SO, there it is. I’ll let you know how I come out with the verb WILL! Things are looking up. I held firm to resolution number ONE while writing this BLOG! How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions??

Leslie XO


4 thoughts on “Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions

  1. What New Year’s resolutions?? I gave up on those about 17 years ago! I applaud you you for making 3 resolutions this year. I can see you keeping #2 and #3, but the first one is going to be a challenge 🤐!! Love you, sis!!!


    1. Only you would know me that well! I am still laughing! I will let you know how I come out with my cussing. Mary Frank and Elizabeth would be horrified that I even made that admission. Lets talk later. Did you hear about Doreen?


      1. I did. How very sad!! We have reached that age when friends begin to die more frequently than we would like, but such is life. I hope that we can get a visit in sometime this year! Hugs and kisses!


  2. I love these resolutions.
    My resolutions are to complain less and to not purchase fast food for 30 consecutive days, as often as I can…


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