Roadblocks or Detours?

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Some of you have remarked “Leslie, have I missed one of your blogs?”

My old computer died. And with it all my important pontifications! It has taken me this long NOT to get a new computer and have it installed BUT to learn my new computer’s ways. I lost some of my work. I was blocked from working on the old story. I had to summon my village of computer people to figure out how to get around the problem or find a new way of telling my story.

We are all going to encounter roadblocks and detours. How do you distinguish between the two? And what to do when we face them. It comes down to choice. Our choice.

Losing much of my work left me devastated. It also left me frozen in place. I don’t think it is a coincidence that it was during Hurricane Florence. When there was REAL devastation everywhere. You know that clever little God of ours choosing to remain anonymous again.

“What’s your problem, girlie? I gave you the ability to buy a new computer. And I gave you a whole village of computer nerds. (I mean GREAT friends who know all about the computer). And time off from work because of Florence. And I gave you that brain of yours. So use it. CREATE.  I have bigger problems.” HE knew Michael was coming.

We’re just poor little humans after all. We tend to get freaked out by roadblocks. We have to detour and we don’t like it. Who do we think we are challenging God’s direction?  A detour can lead us to a fascinating discovery. A better way of opening a new novel. But we need to look around first.  Once we look around we may discover all sorts of things. Like a fun new place or a way of making a character more likable. Or we could just discover fields of sunflowers. Or notice the beautiful fall foliage. Or to chat with God and ask for forgiveness for being such a backseat driver. It may be a much-needed respite for our feeble brains. Consider it your moment of zen.

Pay attention. Detours are just around the corner. We can learn from them or stay frozen in place.

What if a detour has placed us on the path we were supposed to be on in the first place?


Leslie XO

2 thoughts on “Roadblocks or Detours?

  1. Great to hear from you again. If you want to keep your old laptop but want security you could purchase an external hard drive (under $100) and a free backup program. Then you could back up the computer every few days.


  2. thank you so much. That is what my gurus have told me. Have it installed already! 🙂 hope you are feeling good. Thank you for reading and for your generous feedback. Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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