The Fine Art of Piddling

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Some of you may wonder what “piddling” means. According to the dictionary, one definition is “the wasting of time”. I am not one to argue with Mr. Webster but on this particular matter I must respectfully disagree. It’s Summer. I think it is a perfect time to discover your inner “piddler”. Because if you can’t piddle in the lazy days of summer when can you piddle and get away with it? I hear you screaming… How about rainy days! Snow days! You are SO smart!

Attribution of this fine concept must be paid to my friend. She takes Wednesdays off each week as her “piddle” day. Lest you think it is just staying in your pajamas all day and doing nothing. It is not… necessarily. For my friend, she just wakes up a little later, takes a day off from the gym, and then she visits her mom and runs important errands. But she may have an extra cup of coffee first.

I got to thinking about the piddle concept when she told me about her Wednesdays. She stays pretty busy but maybe on Wednesday she does everything in second gear. She still gets it all done.

My version of piddling takes hold on the weekends. I do not set my alarm clock. I do not go to my beloved gym. And I hang out in my nightgown and bathrobe until it is time to go get my hair done. Not only have I embraced the fine art of piddling, I think I have actually mastered it. One of the few things I feel competent that I’ve actually mastered.

Some of you type A personalities are asking, is there any scientific support for this concept? I know who you are. You are acai eating, green tea, antioxidant loving people who can only get behind something if it has some beneficial component.

I cannot be certain of the scientific benefits to piddling. I DID try to Google it. What is wrong with actually being gentle with ourselves once in a while? We’re gentle with other people. With our parents. With our children. With our friends and coworkers. I actually think there must be some restorative property nestled in idleness. It regulates your equilibrium. Even restores calm. Combining it with the intentionality of breathing and breaths it may even be better than a bowl of acai berries and yogurt.

I am not advocating turning into a slacker. I’m just suggesting you being kinder to the person in the mirror. You may actually discover you’re more efficient in other areas of your life. What’s the worst that can happen if you stay in your pajamas half a day and read a good book? Is that such a bad way to spend a summer day?


Leslie XO


10 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Piddling

    1. Remains doing other stuff and not getting paid for it! I found this quote from Cicero after I had posted. I’ll leave the person who learns to relax is able to create, and for them, ideas reach the mind like lightning. Hope you are doing well.


    1. I have seen pictures of your garden ! You do not Piddle. I found this wonderful quote from none other than Cicero after I had posted my blog.
      Only the person who learns to relax is able to create, and for them, ideas reach the mind like lightning


  1. Leslie, you nailed it! There should be a doctorate available in piddlin’. It might require fifteen to twenty years but would be worthy of the lack of effort.


    1. I can see why my mama love your sense of humor ! However, I beg to differ. None other than Cicero said:
      Only the person who learns to relax is able to create, and for them, ideas reach the mind like lightning.

      It may look to others like I am piddling but I am merely honing many my craft


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