It’s the most schizophrenic time of year

I’ve noticed this phenomenon over the last few years. I even discovered it in my own household. Is a fresh perky carton of eggnog nudging its way in front of last week’s leftover turkey and dressing ?  Is a fresh block of Fruitcake shoving past a container of some limp green beans? Do your countertopsContinue reading “It’s the most schizophrenic time of year”

Adolescence: Heart-throbs and Heartache

I awoke Wednesday morning to the news of David Cassidy’s death. Strange feelings and emotions swirled inside me. Women of a certain age, like me, remember David Cassidy this way: David Cassidy was our FIRST CRUSH! How many of us have vivid memories of David Cassidy in that crushed velvet jumpsuit? The lunchboxes? The bus?Continue reading “Adolescence: Heart-throbs and Heartache”

The resiliency of turkey towels

SOooooo…. The inaugural blog was going to be entitled from “Rejection to Resiliency” but UGH…. Rejection sounds like such a downer and resiliency sounds like you just completed a 35 mile marathon. GOOD LUCK with that. This is about resiliency or maybe it’s about adaptability remaining anonymous… SOoooo back to the post. It was October and I had thisContinue reading “The resiliency of turkey towels”