It’s the most schizophrenic time of year


I’ve noticed this phenomenon over the last few years. I even discovered it in my own household. Is a fresh perky carton of eggnog nudging its way in front of last week’s leftover turkey and dressing ?  Is a fresh block of Fruitcake shoving past a container of some limp green beans? Do your countertops have left over cans of sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce being cast aside by Chex mix, candy canes and Christmas China? Are there rooms in your house that have colors of brown and orange, and big giant turkeys wedged uncomfortably next to red and green Christmas ornaments and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? Are the flaming oranges and happy yellow mums dumped to make way for tropical poinsettias?

 If so, you may be suffering from a case of SSD, also known as Schizophrenic Seasonal Disorder. It happens to the best of us. Even me. My sweet little turkey towels that have kept me company for two whole months are stacked up right next to my box of Christmas cards awaiting to be addressed. They didn’t do anything wrong. The calendar just changed on them. It’s not their fault the calendar changed on them.

 So if you suffer from Schizophrenic Seasonal Disorder. What can you do about it? Is there a tablet you can take that will ease your suffering. I’m afraid you won’t find the answers during the commercial break while watching David Muir on Nightly News. My first thought is to just turn off the news entirely. The news these days is just atrocious and so awful. Nothing I could write here is as depressing as 30 minutes of news.

 I’m just figuring all this out with you guys. Maybe we should just open our eyes and see all the invisible people. Before you commit me, let me explain. The woman or the man guarding traffic so your children can cross safely. A person standing in front of your local grocery store collecting for Salvation Army. You can give them something for FREE. Give them your ATTENTION and give them your smile. You would be surprised at the reaction you receive from them just to be noticed. NOTICED. What if we did that year round?

 And what if you went and got them something warm to drink at Starbucks. I promise it would make you feel better than it ever will them.  What about if you bring the friend you see day in and day out, a small bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s… “Just because”. Remember the story of the widow’s mite?

 NOTICING isn’t easy. It is HARD work. Because we are SO BUSY. Making eye contact requires thought. It requires action.

 One of my FAVORITE sayings is “Listening is the most rudimentary form of Love“.  Part of listening is PAYING ATTENTION with an OPEN HEART. Perhaps it is not an affliction at all, but as they say in the music industry: a lovely MASH-UP? After all, isn’t Thanksgiving the season of giving? And Christmas the season of LOVE? It may not be the perfect Cure. But it’s a good start.



Leslie XO

One thought on “It’s the most schizophrenic time of year

  1. A smile is the loveliest gift we can give to someone as it indicates both compassion for and attention to the recipient. Just imagine the many individual lives that might be affected if we could all make this gift a daily habit!


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