The resiliency of turkey towels


The inaugural blog was going to be entitled from “Rejection to Resiliency” but UGH….

Rejection sounds like such a downer and resiliency sounds like you just completed a 35 mile marathon. GOOD LUCK with that.

This is about resiliency or maybe it’s about adaptability remaining anonymous…

SOoooo back to the post.

It was October and I had this autumn plate. I had these towels. So everything was hunky-dory. But on closer look they were damn turkey towels. But I am not a LITTLE person with a BIG life for nothing. After pondering the situation and using some language that my mama wouldn’t approve of, I figured it out.

For the month of October, I flipped the towels around. No turkeys anywhere. On November 1, I flipped them back and Voilà there were turkeys everywhere.

Just remember turkey towels. It’s all about figuring things out… Things are doable. It  requires us to look at things just a little differently.

And remember….


Leslie XO

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