Make a Wish!


A party without cake is just a meeting.
-Julia Child

Someone brought me a cupcake in anticipation of my 60th birthday, lit a candle and uttered the phrase “Make-A-Wish!!”

It left me completely stumped. For 25 years, yes 25 years, anytime I came anywhere near a candle and heard the phrase “Make-A-Wish”, my wish had been consistent. Always. Year after year. Birthday after birthday, decade after decade. It never varied. I never wavered. I always wished for the same thing.
And now it has happened! I don’t know what to wish for??? I have never ever been in this predicament. I am not the kind of person who experiences dreams coming true. But I find myself in that position. I just stare at the cupcake.

My friend encourages me “Make-A-Wish! The candle is burning!” You would think I was confronting some math problem instead of a tiny candle threatening to melt all over the icing!

“Make-A-Wish.” She says again. I can’t explain what a strange sensation this is. When you wish for something so long that is your heart’s deepest, truest desire? What do you do next?

I know one thing. I feel PROFOUND GRATITUDE. I feel gratitude that I am still alive to see my dream come true. I feel gratitude for my friends who wished this dream for me NOT only on my birthday but 365 days of the year… For ALL of those 25 years! I feel gratitude that people read this blog. I am simply and absurdly overcome… #Blessed.

I know I will hear the words “Make-A-Wish” over the next few days… So, does anyone have a new suggestion? The candle is burning…

Leslie XO




6 thoughts on “Make a Wish!

  1. Good read and I can think of a million things to wish for. Good health, successful book, healthy friends and family,happy life, life partner, travels with friends, fulfilling God’s lead to my life, wishing to always be good and be helpful to others. To always realize the needs of others and help them make their dreams and wishes come true. Be a dedicated friend and family member. Just a few of my many thoughts of what I would wish for.


  2. I love your way with words! You definitely deserve to be published! And if you think about it, it’s kinda nice NOT to have something to wish for!!


  3. Make a wish that you will be able to pay it forward and help someone who has a wish, to make that wish come true. 🙂 Congratulations on your wish becoming a reality. You worked hard, I know, to see it through.


  4. The sky is the limit! To be a New York Times bestselling author? To be on the list for Oprah’s book club? Or just to publish book number 2! 🙂 Most people don’t even go after their dreams, so you’re successful not just because your wish came true but because you decided to pursue it in the first place. I hope you had the happiest birthday! xoxo


  5. I am more than happy that you have been able to accomplish your dream of being a published writer. There is nothing more exciting than to be able to set out and accomplish a dream. I will make a wish that you are able to conquer more of what you would like to do. You are such and inspiration to me and so many others. Love you!!




  6. It’s thrilling that your first wish has been granted following a lot of hard work and persistence on your part. Now a new wish? Maybe just a wish for continued happiness and success. Or maybe a wish to have an endless number of wishes!


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