All the Feels…



When you achieve a long, desired goal, you may be flooded with all kinds of conflicting emotions….

Getting into your long shot college; getting your first job; getting the big promotion you wanted; getting married to the person of your dreams; finding out you’re pregnant for the first time; or having a new baby. Even retirement. Once you attain your desire you may ask… Now what???

Just like the stages of grief they don’t go in order. Sometimes they bounce around!!  I have a mnemonic for this condition… STONE.

S –    Shock. I can’t believe my little book is going to be out in the world.

T–    Terrified. What if I don’t do a very good job. What if no one buys my book? What if no one likes my baby??

O–   Overwhelmed. Writing a book and becoming a new parent are very similar. There are so many things you don’t see coming.  You feel so ill-equipped!

N–   Nervous. This emotion always brings its cousin, anxiety. How in heavens name am I going to get everything done by the deadlines? What if I really wasn’t cut out for this in the first place??

E–   Excitement. None of these other emotions can dampen the excitement. And the gratitude I feel at having my dream come true. At holding something I made in my hands.

I will make mistakes. Mistakes always come with accomplishments. It is a natural consequence of achieving.  Maybe there are some aspects of the job which we do not excel. Maybe we have to take our child to the emergency room more than we wanted. That’s life. The ole rose and thorn analogy. The same determination we used to achieve our goals we now must use to overcome emotions. But just like the five stages of grief we MUST learn to accept AND be gentle with ourselves. And in the end, be grateful. Be VERY grateful that we are in the position to FEEL.

Leslie XO




2 thoughts on “All the Feels…

  1. Leslie,

    I am over the moon happy for you that you have been able to make a dream of yours come true. You are an amazing, beautiful person inside and out. I am just so proud of you.

    Love you,



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