Nothing better than the smell of a book

Julia is a Marketing and Communications Intern at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. This article about my love for libraries (and LIBRARIANS!) was featured on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library blog. At the age of 60, Leslie Hooton’s wish to be a published author came true. She is publishing her first novel, Before Anyone Else, with TurnerContinue reading “Nothing better than the smell of a book”

And the journey begins…..

AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS………   Did you ever stop and think: what happens when dreams come true??   In the movies, a frequent ending is… And they lived happily ever after.  We actually don’t know what comes next.   WOWZA! I thought finding out my novel, Before Anyone Else, (BAE) is going to be publishedContinue reading “And the journey begins…..”

Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions

  Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions   Are you still keeping the New Year’s resolutions you made?? Notice that I use the word STILL. Last Thursday marked the day when most people abandon those resolutions.   I tried something different this year. Instead of using the words WANT TO or HOPE or WISH. IContinue reading “Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions”