And the journey begins…..

AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS………   Did you ever stop and think: what happens when dreams come true??   In the movies, a frequent ending is… And they lived happily ever after.  We actually don’t know what comes next.   WOWZA! I thought finding out my novel, Before Anyone Else, (BAE) is going to be publishedContinue reading “And the journey begins…..”

Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions

  Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions   Are you still keeping the New Year’s resolutions you made?? Notice that I use the word STILL. Last Thursday marked the day when most people abandon those resolutions.   I tried something different this year. Instead of using the words WANT TO or HOPE or WISH. IContinue reading “Those pesky (**%&) New Year’s resolutions”

The Fine Art of Piddling

Some of you may wonder what “piddling” means. According to the dictionary, one definition is “the wasting of time”. I am not one to argue with Mr. Webster but on this particular matter I must respectfully disagree. It’s Summer. I think it is a perfect time to discover your inner “piddler”. Because if you can’tContinue reading “The Fine Art of Piddling”