Cindy Lou Who and Tidings of Great Joy

Welcome to my unique tale of Christmas. From the outset, let me just apologize to Dr. Seuss and Isaiah and Luke from the Bible. Creative license will be taken. Once upon a time there was Me. I ran Leslie Inc. more or less by myself with my crazy talented board of directors. (More on thatContinue reading “Cindy Lou Who and Tidings of Great Joy”

It’s the most schizophrenic time of year

I’ve noticed this phenomenon over the last few years. I even discovered it in my own household. Is a fresh perky carton of eggnog nudging its way in front of last week’s leftover turkey and dressing ?  Is a fresh block of Fruitcake shoving past a container of some limp green beans? Do your countertopsContinue reading “It’s the most schizophrenic time of year”

Adolescence: Heart-throbs and Heartache

I awoke Wednesday morning to the news of David Cassidy’s death. Strange feelings and emotions swirled inside me. Women of a certain age, like me, remember David Cassidy this way: David Cassidy was our FIRST CRUSH! How many of us have vivid memories of David Cassidy in that crushed velvet jumpsuit? The lunchboxes? The bus?Continue reading “Adolescence: Heart-throbs and Heartache”

How Elisabeth Kubler-Ross gypped us

How Elisabeth Kubler-Ross gypped us. Most of us are familiar with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and her five stages of grief. As a refresher they are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. I pretty much came into the world with the five stages tacked to my heart . A second copy was always handy in myContinue reading “How Elisabeth Kubler-Ross gypped us”

The resiliency of turkey towels

SOooooo…. The inaugural blog was going to be entitled from “Rejection to Resiliency” but UGH…. Rejection sounds like such a downer and resiliency sounds like you just completed a 35 mile marathon. GOOD LUCK with that. This is about resiliency or maybe it’s about adaptability remaining anonymous… SOoooo back to the post. It was October and I had thisContinue reading “The resiliency of turkey towels”