What are you going to pack??

Life is beginning to “BLOOM” again with possibilities. People are preparing to go on vacation. What are you packing?

Richard Rohr wrote, “I am someone who journeys with trauma.”

Do you “journey with trauma?” I believe trauma is like an umbrella which includes any sadness, grief or disappointment that lingers or haunts you.

Sadness is not something that stays put in one ZIP Code. It will pack its bag or carry-on and accompany you on any “fun” trip. It doesn’t even need a passport, boarding pass or a window seat. It can show up anywhere. That’s what makes it so scary. We are sipping a frozen cocktail and somehow the sound of “Marco Polo” triggers something and we are reduced to salty tears.

I accept Richard Rohr’s premise that we journey with these ghosts. So what do we do about it??

I suggest we pack lots of joy, gratitude, appreciation and happy memories to insulate and buffer that “sharp edge” of grief, sadness or disappointment. These “cheerful companions” can dull those “rowdy interlopers” and even  cause them to evaporate into the sun-kissed atmosphere over time.

But if you see someone walking with a heavy load – BE KIND. Being authentic. Sharing often diminishes our own  pain.

Just think of joy, gratitude, and happy memories as “SUNSREEN” to protect you from the burn of trauma.

So as you travel, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! Your skin and your heart will thank you. Xoxo

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9 thoughts on “What are you going to pack??

  1. This is so true Leslie! Instead of resisting the bad (which only makes it worse), we need to embrace it and focus on what’s positive instead. Great reminder and congrats on your new book! 🙌


  2. Hi Leslie, This blog was amazing! Love the idea of packing joy and gratitude! I really can relate to all that you said! xox Marianne

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  3. You are a masterful writer! I look forward to reading every single one of your blog posts and I save them to re-read, again and again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with the world and I’m so excited to read your newest novel. Yay for you, Leslie and thank you again for inspiring me to be more like you…to shed fewer tears and to more fully embrace the joy that surrounds me each and every day. xoxoxoxo



  4. Leslie, Time with you is sunscreen! Loved this and so looking forward to meeting the residents of Ebor! Keep it coming- you are a rock star! XO-Leigh


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