Luxuriate in the WOW

My friend and I were talking recently. Her child spent a WHOLE hour at a party. Her child suffers from social anxiety…SO…this was a BIG deal. It was an exciting day for her to see her child conquer their fear. If only for an hour.

It was also a really exciting day for me. I received some “early BUZZ!” For The Secret of Rainy Days! 

“For some mothers this isn’t a big deal,” she said.
“But, for you, in your LANE it is a huge deal. Just like this recognition for “The Secret of Rainy Days” is HUGE for me in MY LANE. Aren’t we lucky to know the difference and have GRATITUDE?”

My friend and I were on the phone. It was a Wednesday. And we decided it was worth a glass of wine to toast these milestones…for us.

I came up with a phrase: “Luxuriate in the WOW.”
We toasted our day and promised to “luxuriate in our own WOWS.“

The writer, Anne Lamott, has written a book called “Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers.”

I think we spend a lot of time in the HELP department of PRAYERS. Maybe not so much in the WOW department. At least not me. At least not lately.

I’ve decided life is too short not to recognize the many WOW moments. I am absolutely NOT talking about honors etc. I am talking about the little things that are just spectacular: SUNSETS, a baby’s first steps, and OK YES – some early BUZZ for a book that I’ve been writing for most of my life.


I think it helps the dopamine or serotonin in our brain to spend time  luxuriating in the gratitude and even in the rarified air of the “WOW department.” God gave us this beautiful world with moments of pure ASTONISHMENT. So after a season of sadness, I decided myself to linger a while in the WOW department. The air is just the same as it is on a Tuesday or a Wednesday – it is just the way my lungs breathe it in or maybe it is the way my brain takes it in…or my heart.

Luxuriate in your own WOW. It’s OK if you want to luxuriate in the NOW. Just look up from your device and it will just hit  you in the face. WOW!

“The Secret of Rainy Days” is available for PRE-ORDER NOW on Amazon or your favorite independent bookstore!!                                                                        



2 thoughts on “Luxuriate in the WOW

  1. I am luxuriating in a wow moment. Very very grateful to be retired!! I have left the trailer to another teacher.

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