Leslie Inc.

I have often described the physical vessel that I roam around in as my “Bargain Basement Body “. But operating it is just a different matter entirely. I refer to this considerable undertaking as running “Leslie Inc.”.

And running Leslie Inc. is serious business. AND it is a FULL TIME Job. My mind conjures up the beginnings of Apple or Microsoft in a garage. With an idea. And a whole lot of work and determination. And let’s just face it a whole lot of employees and a Board of Directors.


My Board of Directors. This board does not vote. It Works. On Monday I have physical therapy with Christine. There’s just too many body parts that need her attention most of the time! My shoulder blade and its surrounding muscles like The Deltoid will play a robust game of red rover with my occipital nerve pulling it down. Or my IT band may fight with my groin. It is a nasty game between all the muscles and nerves and somehow I manage to lose frequently! Come to think of it maybe it is really my Body running Me!


On to Tuesday and Pilates. I first encountered Laney the Pilates instructor, at the 8th Street studio. Boy, did I have Grand dreams! And visions of Sarah Jessica Parker. I figured a couple hours on the reformer and the Cadillac at her studio and I could be the owner of rock hard abs. Now after about 20 years at this, my ONLY mission is to just run out the clock and escape that Pilates dominatrix. I have to say for the record I’m not a fan of Pilates. It hurts. It challenges. It makes me think. And sweat. And ache. Who would ever be a fan of that? And all the while these nimble, young creatures are whizzing past me in their Lululemon clad bodies. I have abandoned Sarah Jessica Parker and focused my considerable efforts on remaining upright which for me involves endurance, complete concentration and a whole lot of what I call Pilates Tourette’s (Saying bad words in the confines of the Pilates Body Shaping studio that would completely discombobulate Elizabeth, my proper mama).


And Friday is Chinese acupuncture with Amy or as I like to call it pins and needles. But let’s face it after the work out of just walking around my “chi” Or my energy needs a little help. It is the perfect bookend to physical therapy. It calms down the grumpy nerves and muscles from a week of living and running this ramshackle operation.

Did I mention that I get up at 6 o’clock every morning to go work out for an hour on the elliptical and weight machine?

And now we get to those pesky, vocal shareholders. Just who are they? Who else could have a say over this little ragtag operation? It is the ubiquitous Men In White Coats. And they get to “vote” on the overall health of Leslie Inc. and if they give me a vote of “confidence” well, that means NO surgery!

All of this is just to maintain my feeble balance. Not too sexy right? But everyone’s life is a delicate balance in one way or another. Mine is just more apparent than most. And truly staying upright is a MAJOR blessing. I am grateful each day to my diligent board of directors for being devoted to maintaining my independence. No one wants to go before those scalpel- wielding “men in white coats.”  I see enough people confined to “the silver octopus” as I refer to wheelchairs. I always say a silent prayer “but for the grace of God go I”.

One of these days I hope that my little startup company body will turn into a Microsoft. Or Apple. But until then… The only thing I can change is the name of this blog. So from now on its name, like my little bargain basement body that I run, will forever be called…


See you right here next week or at the gym


Leslie XO

3 thoughts on “Leslie Inc.

  1. Great story Leslie. I loved seeing the people that I hear so much about. Faces with who they are and what they do always makes you more fascinated with what is happening. I have never thought of you with a less than normal body but just someone with different challenges. I think of you as someone who has overcome any and all obstacles in her path. Keep fighting – because it has paid off. You are stronger than most anyone I know in every way.


  2. Dear CEO of Leslie Inc,

    I would like to praise you on your continued commit to yourself and the well being of Leslie Inc. I don’t think anyone could operate Leslie Inc as well as you do. You are truly a gift from God and such an inspiration to me and so many others. You are so loved by me and I am so Thankful that God so fit for our paths to cross. XOXOXO



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